Welcome to Adelaide’s only dedicated TrueVue 3D/4D Ultrasound Service.

Early DNA Gender TestCOVID-19 Update (01/06/2022): Due to the current government regulations regarding COVID-19, we are only able to accept five others accompanying the patient. Please wear a mask if possible. Restriction updates will be conveyed as they are released. In the interest of your own protection and that of others, please do not attend if you have been, or have been around someone unwell.

We highly recommend being at least 34 weeks as we get the clearest pictures between 34 and 38 weeks.
Before 34 weeks, there’s a high chance that baby’s hands or feet will obscure their face, or if you have an anterior placenta, it can obscure part of your baby’s face. If your baby is breech, we recommend waiting until they are head down as they often have feet in front of their face.
If you want to have your scan prior to 34 weeks, we will do all we can to get the best images possible but want to be sure you understand the limitations.

See your baby yawn, stretch, wriggle and settle back to sleep in breath taking detail at Adelaide only Dedicated TrueVue Suite. Providing 4D footage and 3D images which you can take home on the same day. A memorable bonding experience not to be missed. Before You Were Born Imaging provides a unique baby ultrasound experience with 3D and 4D Foetal photos – one with individual care that you deserve during this special time, by fully accredited medical Sonographers.

We can scan your baby from the moment you have confirmation of a viable pregnancy by a medical practitioner or obstetrician.

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